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Workers Assistance Program was built with the mission to create better workplaces, schools, and communities. In the 40 years since, we at WAP have strived to accomplish this goal through behavioral health, education, counseling, mentoring, and childhood nutrition. Innovation, experience, and a passion for service has allowed WAP to reach more people in need than ever before.

Our Programs

  • Alliance Work Partners

    Alliance Work Partners

    Outfitting the workplace with healthier, more productive employees and lowering healthcare costs by providing world-class employee assistance programs.

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  • Peer Assistance Leadership

    Peer Assistance Leadership

    Mentoring students through a program, adopted by the state, as an elective course to fight teen pregnancy, gang participation, and climbing dropout rates.

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  • Texas HIV Connection

    Texas HIV Connection

    Focusing at both the state and personal level on decreasing the spread of HIV by increasing education and participation in the act of prevention.

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  • Coordinated Training Services

    Coordinated Training Services

    Providing training statewide to expand the prevention infrastructure, guided by the latest in technology, research, and quality standard approaches.

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  • Youth Advocacy

    Youth Advocacy

    Empowering youth to communicate with respect, lead substance-free lives, and experience greater opportunities by focusing on the client’s strengths.

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  • Child Care Food Program

    Child Care Food Program

    Offering nutrition training and funding for food supplements to day care providers to assist in compliance with the USDA’s Child & Adult Care Food Program.

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Job Opportunities

Account Manager: AWP

AWP Account Manager

Division: Employee Assistance Program

Department: Alliance Work Partners

Teams: Account Management, Training

Activity Leader: Director of Account Services

Classification: Exempt/Full-Time/Salaried



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the areas of human services, business administration or related field, with a minimum of three years of experience in the human services or Employee Assistance Program field preferred. A demonstrated ability to present to an audience, self-manage, prioritize and carry out tasks in a timely and efficient manner, be organized and detail oriented is a requirement. Must be able to work effectively with professionals, employers, community resources, team members, and other departments. Must demonstrate ability to analyze and organize data and projects, manage multiple priorities and accounts simultaneously, present on a variety of personal and professional development topics to diverse group populations and communicate effectively orally and in writing. Background, experience, or knowledge in some of all of the following areas: management, employee relations, employee assistance programs, drug-free workplace regulations, marketing, training and professional development. Must have general knowledge of office management practices and procedures. Must have reliable transportation, a valid Driver License and auto insurance, and be willing to travel extensively.



Under the general direction of the Director of Account Services, the Account Manager will be responsible for the following:


Account Management:

  • Participate as a member of the Account Management team under the team leadership of the Activity Leader
  • Perform/ensure regularly scheduled account contacts and follow up as needed
  • Ensure timely documentation of contacts in database
  • Consistently communicate with internal stakeholders
  • Provide consultant services (supervisory, regulatory & other workplace as needed)
  • Respond to customer requests & complaints
    • Document service provided
    • Use customer complaint process/database to handle complaints
    • Respond in a timely manner to needs and issues
  • Establish and maintain excellent customer service and public relations
  • Deliver timely communication to appropriate staff regarding proposal opportunities
  • Coordinate with Business Development regarding pricing and language of contracts
  • Implement new accounts (Program Implementation)
    • Establish point of contact
    • Secure fully executed contract
    • Review existing EAP policy or establish EAP policy including confidentiality
    • Ensure timely delivery of employee EAP materials
    • Schedule and conduct employee orientations and supervisor training
  • Contact Renewal
    • Identify accounts coming up for renewal and expiring. Strategize how best to ensure account retention
    • Secure fully executed contract and update information in WAPIS to ensure accuracy
    • Analyze pricing model and communicate with BD to determine if a price increase is needed
    • Upsell optional services as identified
  • Account Retention
    • Handle initial contacts from customers and provide assistance
    • Ensure contact list up-to-date and database is continually updated
    • Provide personal and professional development training and other training per contract specifications
    • Document and resolve customer complaints in coordination with other departments
    • Mobilize effective response if contract threatened
    • Handel phone contacts and provide customer assistance
    • Upsell optional services as identified
    • Identify program marketing needs and develop tools for customer
    • Secure annual purchase orders on assigned public accounts
    • Coordinate and communicate with internal stakeholders regarding procedural referrals as needed
    • Consult regarding drg0free workplace policy, EAP policies to internal stakeholders (case management, intake & referral account management, etc.)
    • Ensure all essential contract information is entered in database
    • Inquire about any other customer needs



Provide training services to contracts.

  • Research and develop new training curriculum
  • Provide DOT training
  • Provide orientations and supervisor training
  • Provide personal and professional growth and development training
  • Learn and present new trainings as needed

Administrative Duties

Keeps timely and accurate account records and records of service activities. Fills out and turns in required accurate administrative reports in a timely manner (time and attendance, leave and travel). Use and/or maintain assigned supplies or equipment in appropriate manner.


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