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A Closer Look at Alliance Work Partners

For over 35 years, Alliance Work Partners has provided businesses and their employees with access to counseling services and training courses at an affordable rate. Customized packages grant employers and employees alike access to legal aid and financial counseling. These services have helped businesses in all 50 states and Canada maintain happy and healthy workplaces for decades.

Alliance Work Partners does not turn anyone away. A donation to Workers Assistance Program could be routed to Alliance Work Partners to provide emergency services for individuals without coverage under their current employer or grief counseling in sudden tragic situations where it is needed but not available.

Alliance Work Partners is critical to Workers Assistance Program’s mission of creating better workplaces, schools, and communities. Please, consider donating to Workers Assistance Program during Amplify Austin between March 4th at 7:00pm and 5th at 7:00pm. Your donation could make the world of difference to an employee or employer aspiring to improve their lives.