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A Closer Look at Texas HIV Connection

The Texas HIV Connection has been a leading HIV Education organization for over two decades.

Our training staff’s strengths come from the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and service in both the substance abuse and HIV/AIDS education fields. HIV Connection is renowned statewide for its interactive and enriching trainings aimed at strengthening HIV Outreach Workers’ and HEI Case Managers’ sexual and cultural understanding, harm reduction techniques they teach clients, and their understanding of HIV disease, substance abuse, and mental health.

Donating to WAP would help sponsor an HIV Outreach Worker, HEI Case Manager, or an HIV Prevention Specialist to join HIV Connection at a training or educational conference. Please visit Amplify Austin between March 4th at 7:00pm and 5th at 7:00pm and donate to Workers Assistance Program.

Click on the interactive infographic below to learn more about HIV/AIDS in Texas and Texas HIV Connection: