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A Closer Look at Youth Advocacy

Youth Advocacy has been helping Austin-area families since 1975. Youth Advocacy has a rich history of serving the Austin community by engaging families and helping them make positive choices, learn healthy skills, and experience greater opportunity. Partnering with local agencies, schools, and courts, Youth Advocacy works to strengthen vulnerable youth and their families and help them achieve positive outcomes through a strengths-based approach.

A donation to Workers Assistance Program during Amplify Austin will ensure that Youth Advocacy can provide basic needs assistance to struggling families. Aid includes gas money to attend substance abuse prevention education, food to hold a family over for the weekend when most food pantries are closed, and aid with job finding.

Please visit Amplify Austin between March 4th at 7:00pm and 5th at 7:00pm and donate to Workers Assistance Program.

For more information on the population Youth Advocacy serves, here is an interactive infographic on the demographics of the individuals we serve: