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Calling all presenters!

PAL® is gearing up for its middle school conference, scheduled for November 2, 2013 at Dittmar Recreation Center here in Austin. The team is looking for workshop presenters for both teacher and student audiences.

Some suggested topics include:
Adult or Student Track:
    •    Community Service Projects
    •    New ideas for cross-age mentoring
    •    Team-building activities
    •    Peer helping ideas for home campus
    •    New training activities (tied to curricular areas)
    •    Ice Breakers/ Energizers
    •    Peer helper’s role in crisis management
    •    Communication with diverse populations (different cultures, age differences, special needs, business situations, etc.)
    •    Topics of concern (eating disorders, suicide prevention, conflict resolution, dealing with grief, dealing with fear, codependence, issues surrounding alcohol/drugs/tobacco, media literacy, diversity, bullying, violence prevention, HIV, etc.)

Student ONLY Track:
    •    Setting the example/ modeling behavior
    •    Setting and achieving goals
    •    Facilitation skills
    •    Bullying
    •    Stress management
    •    Building personal skills
    •    Male Issues
    •    Female Issues

Adult ONLY Track:
    •    Collaborating and partnering with school and community
    •    Evaluating your program
    •    Gaining support from administration
    •    Building your program to meet national standards
    •    Grading strategies
    •    Fundraising & PR
    •    Stress Management
    •    Working with Different Generations or Populations

Click here for a presenter application and more information. Thanks for your interest!