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Introducing WAP’s CEO Dwayne Smetzer

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Dwayne Smetzer is Chief Executive Officer of Workers Assistance Program (WAP). Throughout his 27 years of experience at various non-profit organizations, he has worked to improve workplaces, schools and communities both nationally and internationally.

Dwayne joined WAP as Chief Operating Officer in January 2015, shortly after moving to Austin from the east coast. His leadership involvement grew in 2019 when he had a chance to stand in as the interim CEO for over 3 months. During that time, Dwayne continued to push forward initiatives such as employee morale activities, reviewing processes, aiding in the successful audit submission, as well as learning more about the CEO role as he went along.

“Having adopted the business philosophy of Servant Leadership earlier in my career path, I have nurtured teams throughout my career.  Through this management style I firmly believe in the key characteristics of empathy, listening, awareness, persuasion and autonomy.”

While obtaining an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, Dwayne simultaneously continued a  career path in international business & development while working for various international agencies in Washington, DC.  Since that time, he has focused on managing overall operations related to financial management in areas such as; HIV/AIDS, child survival, women’s health, and social justice.