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Spotlight on a Trainer: AWP’s Caitlin Tyler-Harris

Workers Assistance Program has several programs aimed at providing valuable, educational trainings to AWP customers, prevention professionals, students, and teachers. AWP, HIV Connection, and PAL® deliver trainings on a variety of topics from smoking cessation to hepatitis to peer mediation. Our in-house trainers travel across Texas and the country delivering our trainings and curricula. They are our road warriors and some of the biggest personalities in the office. We hope you enjoy getting to know them a little better. 

What’s your favorite snack for the road?

Roasted, salted pistachios? Can eat one-handedly, no napkin or fork required. Eureka.

What’s your favorite training?

Assertive Communication. Just can’t find more good things to say about any one training in our catalog. For me, it’s the seed from which all our other trainings grew. Boom.

What’s your most memorable post-training story/interaction with a participant?

Generally, it’s cool when you get to talk to folks following a training and address a question that has been on their mind, or to sometimes refer them back to the services their EAP offers. It’s good to know that when a training with a work group ends, I have highly skilled colleagues there to assist folks in their individual needs. No one left behind… that kind of thing. It was also nice when an older woman told me after a training, “I want to be like you when I grow up.”

What’s the best part of training?

When – hopefully – you get to see the light bulb go off. While the PowerPoint may always be the same, the shared, collective moments you have with a group, as you discuss some pretty weighty topics at times, is always different.

Cruise control or no cruise control?

No cruise control in my car. My foot gets tired sometimes.

What’s the one thing that you can’t live without on the road?

My chanclas. I have an inherent mistrust of hotel room floors.

Favorite place to stop on the road? 

My grandmother’s house. She lives halfway between Austin and Waco, makes a mean pimento cheese sandwich, and is genuinely supportive of anything I’m doing with my life. You just can’t get that at a 7-11, man.

Do you listen to books on tape, music, or podcasts on the road? If yes, what are you listening to lately?

Sometimes I listen to music; but I’m mostly an audiobooker during long road trips. I’m listening to The Sherlockian by Graham Moore, parallel murder mystery stories involving Arthur Conan Doyle (ca. 1910), and a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast (ca. 2010). It’s great.

What do you do on the road between trainings and sleep — free HBO, pool time, practice dance moves?

If they’re nearby, I like to meet up with family or friends for dinner. There are a few advantages to work travel. Getting a chance to see feed-your-soul folks you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to is one of them.

What sort of ritual do you have before you leave for the road?

I have to clean the whole house. The. Whole. House. Vacuum, laundry, dusting, clean the bird cage… The works. Sometimes I hide candy or gum for spousey to find while I’m gone. You know… so he doesn’t forget about me.

What’s your spirit animal?

I don’t know what a spirit animal is. My Patronus is a macaw.