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Workers Assistance Program and National Prevention Week

Workers Assistance Program is proud to celebrate SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week alongside so many other wonderful agencies doing great work in the fields of mental health and substance abuse. WAP has several programs that either provide direct services to at-risk youth, individuals, and families (PAL®, Mentoring, Strengthening Families Program, Creating Lasting Family Connections, Integrated Case Management Services) or facilitate trainings for mental health and substance abuse service providers (Coordinated Training Services, Texas HIV Connection). We are proud of our commitment to substance abuse prevention and mental health.

We are celebrating and recognizing our programs and program directors who do remarkable work in these fields through a blog series during National Prevention Week. In their own words, program directors will explain what their programs do, the effect they feel their programs have on our communities, and their hopes for mental health and substance abuse.

For more information on SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week and to sign the Prevention Pledge, click here